Jumbo Wild Trailer from Patagonia

“If people could only see what was back there, they’d want to protect it to.” Patagonia’s latest film, Jumbo Wild, takes a look at the wild land of British Columbia’s Jumbo Valley, which has long been looked at by greedy corporate developers. In my opinion, there is nothing iconic about a resort in such a beautiful setting.

Backcountry skiers and snowboarders alike have one thing in common: respect for the wild. Most of us take out what we brought in and have the utmost thankfulness for what they get out of their day of hiking. Fresh tracks, hidden terrain, and unbelievable jumps.

This documentary (runs about an hour), is more about the threat that’s been put on Jumbo Valley for the last 20+ years, but the backcountry views, skiing, and snowboarding shots are nothing but the best. Thank you Patagonia, for bringing this to the public’s attention. It’s resorts like these that have no place in such a majestic setting. Definitely looking forward to seeing what this documentary has to offer.

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