Swix Waxing Table Review

Swix Waxing Table ReviewWhen it comes to maintenance of my board before riding, I usually handle things from the comfort of my garage. However, a recent extended trip had me having to tune and wax my board away from all of my awesome gear at home. Needing something small and portable, I picked up the Swix Small Snowboard Waxing Table, and hoped for the best. There aren’t a ton of options for something small enough to travel with, but large enough to handle waxing my board.

I’m going to work this table review a little bit backwards, because ultimately, it’s the end result that I really care about. The Swix table is sturdy and has a decent amount of weight to it. You’ll actually be quite surprised at the weight of this unit compared to the image of it. ¬†At almost 25 pounds, I was expecting half of that, so the surprise is actually pleasant. The size of the table is actually quite convenient. It’s just over 47″ wide (120cm), and 11.2″ front to back (30cm). While I appreciate what I have in my garage, I was more than happy to have those kinds of dimensions on the Swix waxing table.


The legs are set up extremely well compared to your average folding table. Their angle gives the top a lot of stability. Some folks think that the legs should be splayed out a bit further, but I was definitely satisfied. If you went any further, I feel like you’d actually lose a bit of the stability. You can choose from three different table heights: 29.5″ (75cm), 33.5″ (85cm), or 34.25″(87cm). Is it the tallest workbench around? Nope. But remember this unit was designed for portability, and the need to be able to work in smaller spaces. To counter uneven surfaces, one of the legs has a leveling foot, so wobbling shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

If there was one thing that bugged me, it was that the angled crossbars are not a snap in kind of feature. Every time you move this, you have to screw in and unscrew those bars. Additionally, in transit there’s a bit of rattling. It’s simply because the legs aren’t hydraulic. They’re lose and swing freely. But if you added any kind of hydraulic or slower moving legs, you’d probably be tacking on quite a bit to the price tag.

Now I do understand that you could probably find a cheapo table at Walmart, but when it comes to getting something that’s best for your board, I do believe that the Swix Waxing Table is well worth the extra loot. She’s easy to carry around, but tough enough to tolerate the constant force of waxing your snowboard.

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