XCMAN Wax Iron Review

XCMAN wax iron review There’s a part of me that wants to get the best stuff for my board, and there’s a part that wants to make it affordable. I know that every bit of everything I own can’t always be the finest life has to offer. I wish I drove a Ferrari (it would probably do piss poor in the snow). I own a Honda Civic (also does piss poor in the snow). So this time around, when looking for a new board waxing iron, I took a shot at cheap. So here’s my XCMAN wax iron review.



When I put together this XCMAN wax iron review, I really went in with low hopes, thinking that I just wouldn’t get anything superb out of this. Maybe I should try something cheap that’s a little more complicated than the waxing iron. I was plenty happy with the results.

Now I’m not a waxing afficianado, and I’m sure someone could have come up with a more critical review than me. But for the first test on this, I was fairly impressed. I think i saw mention of a guy that got one that was unfortunately DOA, but mine arrived in perfect condition. The handling on this iron really doesn’t appear to be lacking what some of the more expensive units have. The dimples, much like a golf ball, help spread the wax just fine. I was able to easily adjust temperature with a turn of the dial. Heat up time didn’t seem any shorter or longer than other units. I haven’t really done a side by side comparison, though.


This is definitely designed to work as a ski waxing iron as well, but most are. The width on the iron is about 3 1/2 inches, and it’s a little over 6″ long. 

The temperature ranges from 100-180 degrees. I’m going middle of the road at 140 with this unit, and using an all-temp wax to get the season started off right. the thick base plate does a fine job of holding the heat quite well, and I’m not getting any uneven melting. There’s no mind-blowing feature that’s going to make me tell you this is the magic solution, but it works well.

Now given that it’s so early in the season…like nothing’s open yet kind of early, It could be a tough one to make a fair comparison in the long run. Normally, the first couple of weeks always seem to be bunny hill days where I’m shaking off the cobwebs and learning once again how to properly exit the lift chair. But having gone with this unit just to save a few bucks may just pay off in the long run. I don’t think I’m losing out on the less than 30 bucks I spent for this XCMAN wax iron review. 

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