WSD Wax Iron Review

WSD Wax Iron Review A snowboarding life was meant to be an easy one. Having to constantly maintain my board, from tuning to regular wax jobs, isn’t always the first thing I want to be doing at the end of a day of riding. Alas, it happens. So when I came across the WSD Waxing Iron, I was pleasantly surprised at the little bit of hassle that this piece saved me.


The Basics: the ironing plate measures about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. You can adjust temperature from 60 to 180 degrees (no, celsius). A simple blue LED lights up when you plug the unit in, and turns off when it has reached your set temperature. Smooth rounded edges (commonplace on wax irons) complete the unit. I haven’t even gotten to my thoughts yet and this thing beats out moms clothing iron. 

My first use had me thinking that this gets hotter than I had expected. This could be either this iron being incorrect, or my other one, so I’m not counting that against this one. I do like the fact that the iron can get plenty hot. it also heats up in minimal time, which is never a bad thing. 

Let’s talk about the baseplate. Unlike several other irons I’ve reviewed, this base plate has dimples. Something that’s normally reserved for much more expensive irons. While you may think this would hinder your ironing job, it really only helps it. With a flat baseplate, wax builds up in spots because of suction. Rather than melting it, it simply leaves thick spots of wax. This makes your scraping job much more difficult. But with the dimpled baseplate, the wax is broken up, because there’s no consistent suction across the iron. The wax spreads evenly across your board, giving you the scraping job of your dreams. This little feature alone makes the WSD iron a winner in my book. Totally worth the investment. 


With this unit, it’s also time for travelers everywhere to rejoice. Whether you’re riding the wall of Kirkwood or shredding overseas, this unit should come with you. A dual voltage selector lets you plug and play no matter what country you’re in.

If I had only one downfall, it’d be my own mistake. The base plate comes with a plastic film on it. If you don’t remove it before your first use, you’re going to be saying to yourself, “What’s that smell?”. All in all, a great iron to take with you on the go, wherever that may be. Saving a few minutes on waxing your board means that you get an extra few minutes of “you” time, whether that’s downing some beers or watching The Bachelor…I mean, Terminator…yeah, Terminator. 

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