Demon Mini Wax Iron Review

demon-mini-iron-reviewIf you’ve ever run short on room when it’s time to pack for your latest powder trip, you know that every inch counts. Keeping your luggage under weight and still bringing everything you need can be difficult when you’re going heli-skiing. While I too would want to have everything I needed for the best tune up on my latest travels, I’m also ok with a bit of portability. The Demon Mini Wax Iron came into play on my latest trip (along with a lot of other more ‘portable’ gear), and it came through like a champ.

The most important reason I bought this iron was the size. At 4 1/2″ long by 2 3/4″ wide this was easily one of the most portable irons that I’ve come across. In fact, it’s probably about 30-40% smaller than most of the other irons that I’ve tried out before. While it can make your waxing job take a little bit longer, it was certainly worth it to be able to save some room in my luggage.


Adjustable temperature control usually means that whatever you set it at is where it’s going to stay, and that was certainly something impressive about the mini iron. I was actually expecting this thing to be all over the place and cause a big problem when it came to waxing my board, but I was quite impressed! You can tell that temperature is holding by how even the wax melts across your board. Simply put this iron kept the temp just fine. The range of temperature is more than suitable for nearly any type of wax that you might use.

As far as snowboarding irons go, this is one of my new favorites for my travels moving forward. The portability and reliability on this iron is more than satisfying. Additionally, at about $30, it’s also one of the more inexpensive irons that I’ve purchased. I would totally recommend a larger iron for your home snowboard wax jobs, but if you’re honestly tough on space, and can spare the extra couple of minutes that it’s going to take to get the job done, then the Demon Mini Wax Iron is perfect.

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