RaceWax Tuning Kit Review

At som point, every one of us wants an all-in-one kit that’s going to have everything we need to get our snowboard workbench ready. While the RaceWax Snowboard Tuning Kit might SEEM a little on the pricey side, it’s really more of a package deal, and there’s a LOT to it. I mean, if you’re really starting with nothing, then you need a kit that has everything, and RaceWax pretty much has you covered with a variety of cool products from a cool brand.


To get through this one, I’ll have to address almost each one. Several of these items we’ve already touched on, so feel free to check those reviews as well.

  • Wintersteiger wax iron

I feel like the iron of any tuning kit always seems to be overlooked. After all, that can make things expensive. RaceWax didn’t miss a beat in picking the Wintersteiger Wax Iron. With an adjustable range of 100-170 degrees, you get just the right amount of melt regardless of the wax you use. I REALLY like the curved edges. Wax actually gathers up along them, making it easier to spread on your board.

  • Base-Side Bevel File Guide SKS Multi Tool

Comes with a 2-sided metal file as well. The range of angle is 0 to 5 degrees, so make sure you know how you like your edge tuned. To strong of an angle, and you’ll find yourself face down on a groomer…possibly bleeding. Other than that, the angle dial is pretty precise, and this is a great tool for making the best work of your edges.

  • Blue DMT Diamond Stone

The blue diamond stone is great for maintaining your snowboard edges. Using this every now and then prevents having to do major edge maintenance. I feel like this is a must-have that is often overlooked.

  • Gummi Stone, coarse gray

While a gummi stone is great for detuning your edges, I feel I always use mine more for rusted spots. Rust on my snowboard edges happens (maybe I need a better board?), and this single stone has come in quite handy to have around.

  • 150 g bar of All Temperature Wax

150 grams of all-temp wax should get you 12-16 wax jobs, enough to last you half a season, if not more. It seems to work good in most temperatures, but it’s not that high speed. Good stuff, though.

  • 5-mm thick Ski Wax Scraper with polished edges and a corner notch for edge cleaning

This is great for getting more pressure on tough wax, but I feel like it was designed a bit more for skis. Guess that makes the RaceWax tuning kit pretty universal

  • Snowboard Wax Scraper: 9 inch x 2-3/8

There we go, this is more my size. The 9″ scraper does a great job, and the corner notch holds up well, even under the toughest elbow grease. Looks like this scraper will for several rounds, and last well past the time I run out of wax.

  • Three Brush Kit: Brass brush, Nylon Brush, Fine Horsehair Brush

Like I said in my review of the RaceWax Brush Kit standalone, this is a great set. Brush off hard wax with the brass, remove wax with the nylon brush, and create an ultimate polish with the horsehair brush. Brushing is so crucial in a snowboard wax job, and not nearly enough people follow through with it. This kit makes it simple.

  • Metal Scraper with vinyl storage sleeve

Good metal scraper. Great for getting off excess wax and season leftovers. Nice and sturdy, so it’s not gonna bend on you much.

  • One Clear P-Tex; One Black P-Tex¬†

Not much to say here. While I wish it came with more than just 2 sticks of P-Tex, they work.

  • Brass file brush

Great for fine tuning that brush job, and REALLY great for edges.

  • Two Large Brake Retainers

Again, this is something designed for skis, but they seem pretty darn strong in my snowboarding opinion.

  • Double-zippered Cordura tool bag

This bag is a bit oversized for the kit, but it gives you plenty of room to add your own goodies. Internal straps, outer pockets and carry straps actually make it a pretty nice bag at that. Might be using this for something other than the wax kit.


All in all, this is a great starter kit for a rookie snowboard, or package deal for the seasoned veteran. RaceWax came through with flying colors, putting together everything you need into a single bundle, and I’m plenty happy to say that much of this kit will be lasting me a very long time.

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