Grayne Tuning Kit Review

Grayne Tune Kit ReviewIf there’s one thing about tuning kits that I’ve learned, it’s that any of the wax or ptex that you get with the kit is gonna go kinda fast or not meet your needs. While I’ll certainly be taking look at this stuff in the kit, I personally believe that a good kit comes with good equipment for tuning your board, and the wax and ptex is just bonus points. The Grayne Tuning Kit is my latest purchase…mostly appealing because of everything that it comes with. In this case, I’ve purchased the Grayne kit WITH the iron, just to see how the whole package works out.



Here’s what you get:

    • Dual Voltage Waxing Iron
    • (1) Ratcheting 6-piece screwdriver tool
    • (1) Dual degree edge sharpening tool
    • (1) Brass and nylon brush for base
    • (1) Deburring and polish stone
    • (1) Bar of ‘lightning’ wax
    • (1) Wax scraper
    • (2) 8″ P-tex sticks
    • (1) Nylon base pad

The iron is actually pretty good all things considered. For what you pay to get the iron included with the kit, the iron is relatively cheaper bought this way. The adjustable temperature range is 70-degrees to 190-degrees, which is greater than a lot of other irons out there. You don’t really need that kind of range, but I guess if you need your iron to heat up quickly or want your wax to melt fast (be careful not to burn it!), then that’s a cool little feature. The heating element is well spread so you get an even melt across the board.

The screwdriver set is actually something unique that’s not often found in a lot of tuning kits at the same price point. It’s not the most portable thing in the world if you need a tool on the mountain, but it’s definitely the kind of thing that I’m going to be keeping in my glove box this season. I’ve used about half of the features on the screwdriver, and can’t really imagine a situation where I wouldn’t have the bit needed with this tool on hand.

The edge sharpening tool features 2 possible degree settings, 88 and 90 degrees. If you’re super picky and need that 89 degrees or something different, you’re kind of out of luck here. Thankfully, I’m not, and I did a bit of research before I made this purchase, so I knew what I was getting into. The tool works great, and will definitely do in the long run. If you need 89 degrees, and want this tool in your kit, possibly not the best choice.

The brass/nylon brush is easy to handle, and measures about 1.5″ by 3″. It’s suitable. Sometimes I’d hope for something bigger, but as far as kits go that’s about the size I’d expect. The brush is plenty high quality and useful for your waxing job.

The stone is great for your edges. If you’re looking to do a good edge tuning job, and get a lot of imperfections like I do, then this stone is actually quite useful.

The lightning wax is good, but again, you don’t buy tuning kits for the amount of wax and ptex you get. The wax is good for maybe 2 rounds of waxing, and then you’ll need more. The wax works plenty well in mid-season conditions, and has some good speed to it. I didn’t try it in extreme temperatures and I’m out of it, so I won’t be doing so.

The wax scraper is good quality. If you’re picky about the wax scraper, I can safely say you’ll be plenty happy with the piece that comes with the Grayne kit. Like all wax scrapers it will wear down eventually, but I haven’t gotten to that point yet, and I’ve probably used this kit 4 or 5 times now.

The p-tex sticks are good to go! I’ve already used mine for a friend’s board, and again, you don’t buy a tuning kit for massive amounts of ptex.

The nylon pad finishes things up nicely. I know that things like this are minor details when it comes to doing a wax job on your board, but they really do help with the flow of water when you decide to hit the slopes, so I highly recommend using one, even if you already have a kit. There are plenty of pads available at your local snowboarding store or online. I like the Brite X-Fine pads.

Finally, if you’re looking to save a few bucks on the Grayne Tuning Kit, there is an option to buy it without the iron. If you’ve already got a decent snowboardng iron, then you’ll save about 40-50% on the cost of the kit.

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