Demon Tuning Kit Review 2016

When riders buy tuning kits, it’s more or less to get a quick jumpstart on getting a good tune in before your first rides of the season. The veteran snowboarder might take the time and money to buy components separately, as we often get preferences for what we like to use for getting our boards waxed up. The Demon Tuning Kit for 2016 was recently released and ready for folks to check it out. While it doesn’t sway too much from the 2015 model, it continues to have quite a few nice components.


Demon 2016 Snowboard Tuning KitWhat’s inside?

  • Flat file and Edge Tuner
  • Wax Iron
  • Wax Scraper
  • Tuning Stone
  • Wire Brush
  • Polish Pad
  • P-Tex
  • Demon All Temp Wax (133 grams)

As of this post, the 2015 and 2016 kits are still the same price. I haven’t quite discovered what’s really different about the two, so you might as well take the newer model that hasn’t been sitting in a garage all summer.


If there’s one thing I’ve appreciated about this kit in the past, it’s the iron and the scraper. The irons from demon have excellent temp control, and get hot enough for any wax that I’ve used thus far. While they’re kind of small, 3″ x 4.5″ or so, that’s the way a lot of more portable irons size up, so I wouldn’t count that against them at all. The scraper has nice sharp edges on it. IF you get a scraper sharpener, this thing will last you the whole season no problem. It does seem that the iron is new, according to Demon. Looks quite similar, but I’ll take their word for it.

The edge tuner is certainly a nice feature, but if you’re big on your edges you may find that the 90-88 degree range isn’t quite enough for you. It’ll certainly do the job, and a nice one at that, but take your own preferences into consideration before making this purchase.

If you’ve ever used Demon all-temp wax before, you’re probably more than happy with it. It leaves a good hard coat that’ll last you a couple of days of riding no problem. Wax always seem to be the one thing that people don’t change their minds on once they pick one, so if you’re up in the air, I’d go ahead and give this kit a try. There isn’t a ton of wax included, so if you’re not a huge fan, you can just use it up and still have the kit for your next wax purchase.

My only downside on this one is the brush, it’s small, and it’s just a wire brush, so there’s no final polishing brush. HOWEVER, kits were designed to be portable and compact. There are plenty of brush options out there that simply wouldn’t fit into a case this size. I’d hope for a second smaller brush even, but it’s really a necessities kinda kit.

Am I happy with what this kit has to offer? Definitely. Could it offer more? Probably, but you’d end up paying for it. It’s a well priced package that comes with everything you need to hurry your butt onto the lift, so go ahead and check out the new Demon Snowboard Tuning Kit for 2016…I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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