Dakine Super Tune Kit Review

dakine super tune kit reviewWhen you’re buying a tuning kit, you’re most likely trying to save the money that you’ve got to spend to get a board shop to tune your board. In all likelihood, you’ve got almost nothing to start with and want an all in one kit, which naturally saves you a few bucks. The Dakine Super Tune Kit is a great start, and comes with a lot of useful items. I think it may also be one of the more “sufficient” kits that I’ve come across before.


The kit is like many, but different from them.

Like most snowboarding kits, the wax is all temperature. I’m actually quite impressed with exactly how much wax comes with this kit. You could easily get in 4 or 5 wax jobs with this kit before needing more (many kits only offer enough wax for 2 or 3. As usual, if you’re a racer, or are encountering some extreme temperatures, you may want to look into a more specialized wax than what comes with the kit.

The edge tuner is convenient, but not all encompassing. It’s nice to see an edge tuner in a kit, and this one comes with 2 different degree choices. This is probably another situation where I’d say if you were super picky about your edges, you’re probably buying something a little bit more high end.

Probably the more impressive part of this tuning kit is the 10″ wax scraper and the 10″ file that come with this kit. Many other kits that I’ve come across have a much smaller scraper which gets a little bit annoying. Obviously, the metal scraper is going to be a little bit smaller, but you don’t really need something big when you’re just scraping Ptex off your board. The kit comes with 2 Ptex sticks, one clear and one black. I haven’t needed to use these just yet, but I”m glad I have ’em if I need ’em.

All in all, this case is pretty thorough. For the price, the Dakine Super Tune Kit is well worth it, and I’m plenty happy with what they have to offer in this complete package.


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