T-Rax Snowboard Rack Review

trax-rack-reviewFor the guy that has one or two boards, storage is usually simple. But for the rider that has half a dozen boards, you usually end up with a closet of hellish storage. Boards are not gone, but certainly forgotten about. If you’re ever out to make sure that you’ve got a full view of your snowboard collection (be it for yourself or for showing it off), the T-Rax snowboard rack might just be for you. If you’re tired of scratching up your boards and getting dings in your edges after tossing them in a closet for the offseason, then this might just be the perfect alternative.

6 screwed in anchor points are going to keep this rack firmly in place. While I wouldn’t go playing monkey bars on the t-rax, it’ll certainly hold any kind of bindings and boards (including splitboards) when it’s properly mounted. The aluminum build of the rack is definitely sturdy, and the powdercoat black has a sexy look to it.


Assembling these racks properly is no more difficult than hanging a giant picture frame on the wall without any tilt to it. The hardware is more than sufficient, though you might find it ideal to pre-drill holes in the wall studs, or have a handy drill/ratchet for really getting the screws into your wall. Once this unit is up, it’s going to hold firmly in place…that’s for sure.

The foam on the arms is certainly suitable for protecting the bases of your boards. The aluminum arms show no sign of even remotely bending under the weight of your snowboard, which gives me a lot of confidence in not only how well this will hold snowboards, bu how long the rack will last. With the bindings folded, you have plenty of room between the arms, so you’re not stuck having to hold two boards while you try to remove the one in the middle.

All in all, a great rack. There are definitely some other options available if you’ve only got a board or three, but if you’ve got six snowboards or more that need a good home for the summer season, then the T-Rax snowboard rack really does do the job well.

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