Hawaiian Snowboard Rack Review

Hawaiian Snowboard Rack ReviewWhen we talk about snowboard storage, in most cases, we’re looking for something that’s going to hold a lot of board in a little amount of space. But that often comes with a compromise of style. In almost all cases, most of the snowboard racks we find are that of a shelving system, or a couple of strong bullets that just hold a single board to the wall. While we wouldn’t expect a company called Hawaiian Gun Rack to create such awesomeness, we’ve found a great look called the Snowboard Rack from Hawaiian Gun Rack.


Ok, so Hawaii isn’t your number one destination for snowboarding in the winter time. Most of us associated Hawaii with warm beaches, awesome seafood, and getting lei’d here and there.

Each rack, sold in pairs, is about 10 inches tall, and sticks out from the wall 8 inches. The sleek wooden look is certainly a break from the norm of carbon fiber materials. 2 anchor screws drive into your wall studs, and that’s more than enough to hold a pair of boards. You’ve got vertical wooden spacers that keep your snowboards from rubbing against each other. The wood is actually a carmelized bamboo which is a super sweet look on these.

What’s also unique about Hawaiian Gun Rack’s snowboard system is that rather than using a shelving style to hold multiple boards, you get a “base-to-base” setup with bindings facing against the wall and away from it. This simple setup protects your bases with wood spacers. Wood is also a lot better from keeping the scratches and gouges away from your board when you’re in the offseason and storing for the long term.

The Hawaiian Snowboard Rack is a very cool look, and would match any log cabin decor perfectly. If you’re looking for a little bit of style in the mounting of your snowboards for storage, this is definitely the finest look we’ve seen so far.

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