Hangtime Snowboard Mounts Review

hangtime-snowboard-mountIf there was one thing I hated about living in an apartment, it was the cramped quarters for all of my outdoor gear. Winter to Summer, I’d be stuck having to find a little bit of extra space, or trying to watch TV through my mountain bike. I hated the thought of having to stash things inside closets for fear that one thing would fall over and my investments in my outdoor life would be in the trash.

Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to have a giant snowboard rack on my wall, especially when that space too is quite limited. I wanted something simple to hang my snowboard with. Tired of leaning my board up against a wall, only to hear it come crashing down in the middle of the night, I found HangTime.

HangTime Snowboard Wall Mounts are nothing fancy, and for 18 bucks, they’re worth it. They aren’t the perfect solution for hanging your snowboard. But I was looking for something that kept the board in my apartment, out of the way, and most importantly, safe. The mounts are crazy simple. Hang them up as you want to plant your board. You’ll probably need some straight edge or level to make sure you’re doing it properly, and DEFINITELY mount them to the beams where possible.

HangTime mounts come with all the hardware necessary for mounting, and how you place them allows you to control how your board hangs. It’s a sleek look, and now my board is out of the way and safely kept where I can see it, away from all the trash inside my closet.

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I wish I could find a more in-depth video to the Hangtime Snowboard Mounts, but these things are EXTREMELY simple to use.