Floating Wall Mount Review

floating-wall-mountRunning a little shy on periodic table of alcoholic beverage posters? Got some sweet snowboard art that you’d like to show off? Little shy on storage space for your winter toys? The Floating Snowboard Wall Mount from StoreYourBoard is actually a super cool idea. We’ve seen lots of mounts that hold onto your deck on the sides, allowing you to display the top of your board. But if it’s the bottom of your board that you want to show off, then this is your solution.

The system is quite simple. Two metal plates are screwed in to the wall, sitting on top of each other. The outer place has additional slots for two bolt heads. These bolts are screwed into the holes regularly reserved for your bindings. Screw in the bolts, slide them into the plates, and voila! Really expensive wall art that lets everyone know you like a bit of shredding when it’s cold out.


floating-wallmountWhile I’d always recommend screwing the screws into wall studs for maximum support. These plates seem strong enough to hold into some good 5/8″ sheetrock. To make it even better, the bolts are designed to give you snowboard a “floating” effect off the wall just a little bit.

Got a burton board? No worries! The floating wall mount has one design for a 2×4 or 4×4 binding setup, as well as a second option for the Burton channel. While it’d probably be a pain to set this thing up every single time that you get back from the mountain, the floating wall mount is definitely a solid choice if you’re looking to get yourself some wall art in the offseason.

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