Toko Edge Tuner Pro Review

Toko Edge Tuner ProThere’s a lot more to tuning up your edges than dragging a file up and down them. If you’re all about making your board the best it can be, then you already know this. There are quite a few edge tools out there, and regardless of if this article has any impact on you, I’d highly recommend that you get one. However, once you begin to realize that angles make all the difference, you’re going to want something as versatile as possible. The Toko Edge Tuner Pro takes edge tuning one step further.

While most edge tuners are a simple sliding tuner for your file, the Toko pro version throws in some bearings. These bearings allow you to keep the straightest angle possible, keeping the file exactly where it should be once you’ve chosen your angle of preference.


One of the best features that you’ll notice about this pro edge tuner is that you’ve got potentially one of the widest angle selections available. From 85 degrees to 90 degrees, this tuner goes far beyond what you usually find within most tuning kits, which only offer 88 and 90 degrees.

IF you’re only a rookie at getting your edges taken care of and haven’t quite gotten the guts to move away from the 90 degree angle, this can still be for you. This edge tuner is going to last longer, and give you more options than any other tuner, which means that not only can you use it, but your friend are going to appreciate that you’ve got this one in stock.


While it is one of the more expensive tuners on the market, it’s all about getting what you pay for. The Toko Edge Tuner Pro is going to last you for years to come, and works well regardless of the kind of rider you are. For putting together a killer workbench, I don’t know if I could recommend a different tuner than this one.

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