Sharpen Your Board Edge with Swix Phantom R Edger File Holder


Did you ever buy an old board that looked great when you first bought it off of Craigslist, but didn’t quite have the spunk of your last snowboard? Did you ever notice that firm snow was becoming less and less fun to ride? Not that I love to ride on ice or anything, but I do like being able to get an edge in as many conditions as possible. All too often, folks decide they’re going to wax their board every other ride, but completely forget about their edges. Sharpening the edges on your board isn’t something that you have to do everyday (in fact, if you do it too often, you’ll be left with no edge). But it is something that needs to be given attention when you don’t seem to have the grip that you’re used to.

Now lots of folks use their bare hands for holding the file, but if it’s accuracy you’re after, you want some kind of file holder. Enter the Swix Phantom R Edger File Holder. I’m not a total genius on these kinds of things, but the directions are pretty simple. You can set the file holder to be between 85 and 90 degrees of bevel. One reviewer mentioned using 89 degrees, and I was pretty content with that. There’s a handy dandy video below on how to use it.

The edger holds files up to 5 milimeters thick, but comes with its own file so you don’t have to go running for your own. I’d probably say that if you have a lot of files, you may want to start with what’s working best for you and your snowboard so far.

The rollers on the Swix file holder make using this thing super easy. A couple of passes and you’ll see a difference no problem. A couple of more passes and you’ll love how smooth and sharp your edge can be. It’s really a game changer when it comes to giving your board a sharper edge, and far FAR more convenient than doing it by hand.

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One final note to keep in mind is that the Swix Phantom R was only designed for side edges, and not for base edges. While I’d recommend running a gentle file on you base edge, it’s ultimately the side that’s going to get you into that bulletproof stuff during your first runs.

Author: Tuner

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