Lehman P-Tex Torch Review (XC-Man)


I’d like to think that some of our most basic tools that we have in our outdoor lives can be used for so much more than their original purpose. Not being a huge fan of having to repair my base, I’m always looking for something that’s a little bit more convenient than my current practice. Praying that I don’t fry my finger on a lighter is a common hobby during base repair, and I just found an answer to my prayers. The Lehman Hot Spot Torch from XC-Man.

I really don’t think this one was originally designed as a P-Tex torch, but someone has successfully repurposed it, and I decided to check into this one a little bit more.


There are a lot of features that will easily draw someone in the base repair industry (or not) to this handy little piece. With a safety lock, you can keep meddling kids from frying their fingertips. With its size, you won’t be taking up much more space than a couple of lighters.

The best part, in my mind, is that the flame is adjustable. This is big when it comes to the size of the gash that you dug into your board. So if you’ve got a small gash, you can turn the flame way down and melt a little P-Tex at a time. If you’ve got a massive gash from what you thought was a powder run, you can turn the flame up. The P-Tex torch gets up to about 1300-degree celsius, so if you’re just trying to fend off a zombie apocalypse, this could also come in handy.

Keep in mind, you want to watch how you apply the heat to your P-Tex. If it gets too hot, you could end up with a drippy mess. If you’re inexperienced with repairing your snowboard base, take it slow, and keep the flame a tad further away from the stick at first. Other than that, this piece is definitely one to add to your snowboard workbench. Say goodbye to Dollar Store lighters!

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