Wintersteiger Ski-Mender RP105 P-Tex Gun Review

Wintersteiger Ptex GunP-Tex…if you’re not careful, it can get a bit messy. A stick of P-tex lit up thanks to your Bic is quite useful in repairing your board. For the lesser experienced, it becomes a hard lesson in why you should bring your board to a shop or have a friend help you. If you don’t have a steady hand, it may be something that you never get that good at. But thanks to the Wintersteiger P-Tex Gun, you can repair your board like a pro, without dripping melted P-Tex all over the good parts of your board.

The Wintersteiger Ski-Mender RP105 works exactly how it looks. It’s a really hot glue gun. Give a squeeze of the trigger and the gun pushes out liquid P-Tex which you can fill your board gouges in with. It’s got a bit of a wider mouth than your old-fashioned art store gun, so you’ll still be getting plenty of output as you prepare your board.


Make sure not to try this with a regular glue gun. While it seems to look exactly the same, the Wintersteiger gets much hotter, making it capable of melting a P-tex stick. Try this with a glue gun and you’ll end up wasting $20 on a glue gun…I promise. I tried. Unless of course, you can find a way to make the heating element in a glue gun hotter…then go for it.

This gun was actually designed to work with 11 milimeter sticks, which Wintersteiger sells. I don’t know what my other P-Tex sticks measure, and I’ve usually just purchased the refills, but there’s no harm in trying out your own P-Tex, as the composition of the sticks are generally the same.

There aren’t too many of these types of guns out there for repairing your snowboard, so the price tag runs about $100 or so to get your hands on one of these. While that can be a bit hefty when considering the price of everything else we spend on taking care of our snowboard bases, it is truly worth it, especially for the rookies of base repair. It can save you a LOT of headache in the long run, unless you want to learn the old art of P-tex-ing.

If you’re the type has done a lot of repair with P-tex sticks and a lighter, then I’d recommend you stay in your comfort zone. However, if you’re really afraid that you’re going to splatter hot P-tex all over the place or suffer from some shakiness of the hands, then the Wintersteiger P-tex gun is a great start to your snowboard base repair career.

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