Wintersteiger Snowboard Vise Review

Wintersteiger Freeride Snowboard ViseMaximum clearance, maximum width, and versatility when working on edges. Those appear to be the three things that most people look for outside of the usual quality build when it comes to a snowboard vise for your workbench. The
Wintersteiger Snowboard Vise comes with some pretty rad features that aren’t found in a ton of vises. A lot of this is due to the fact that several vises aren’t built for snowboards, but skis, making them difficult for our growing breed to work with. So let’s check out one that makes the rider’s life a little bit easier.

Let’s first check out the basics of this unit. The tops of the vise are fitted with rubber, so you’re going to have a plenty easy time keeping your snowboard still, while preventing any major scratching. While they are plastic, they are definitely durable, and can take a pretty strong beating. This also means that they’re lighter than most metal snowboard vises, making them ideal if you’re the traveling type. The screw down locking holds plenty tight, and doesn’t loosen up like a lot of vises with a similar style.


I really dig the clearance on these vises. 160mm equates to about 6.3 inches of clearance when working on your base is quite valuable. And anyone who’s worked on a vise designed only for skis knows the struggle with clearance is quite rea.

Possibly my favorite feature of theĀ Wintersteiger Vise is the DUAL angle inserts for working on your edge. You can do your edge work comfortably with both 60-degree and 90-degree vertical angles, assuring you the best access to the areas of your board that you need to work.

While it’s got somewhat of a high price, the clearance and the angles on the vertical portion of the
Wintersteiger Vise are really what’s winning me over at my snowboard workbench.