Toko T8 Wax Iron Review

toko-t8-wax-iron-reviewI’m not gonna lie, I used my mom’s old clothing iron to wax my snowboard back in the day. I also believe that I’m far from the only one who ever did so. We all know the troubles of that. Those annoying holes in the iron that would cause the wax to do weird things, the pointed front end that would often push the wax OFF the board? Man was that annoying.

I picked up the Toko T8 Wax Iron a few seasons ago, and pulled it out only last season. I had kind of been on the hunt for a bit for a good iron, and at first, one of my other irons seemed more appealing. But after trying this one, I’m not so sure that I can go back.  At first glance she might just look like a regular iron, but this thing has a lot of bonus features.


At the top, you’ll notice that you’ve got a red and green LED. These simply tell you when the unit is ready for the temperature that you’ve set on it on the knob just inside the handle. While the numbers are kind of small on the knob, it’s the least of my concerns. The T8 has a broad range of temperature choice, between 212 degress Faranheit (100 Celsius) to 320 degrees Farenheit (160 Celsius). This is going to give you a fighting chance, especially with those cold weather waxes that need some extra heat to melt properly. I had mine at about 115 Celsius, and it was more than enough for a universal wax that I was using.  What REALLY sets that part above other lesser irons is that you get a constant temperature control, which helps you get a good even coat on your board.

One of the more important things about your snowboard wax iron is that you want it spread things out evenly. I’ve dealt with quite a few irons that just caused little problems here and there when it came to helping me cover my entire board. See those grooves on the picture above? Yeah, those are a lifesafer. Combine those grooves with the shape of the iron, and you’ve got one of the best ways of covering your board evenly.

I’m actually thinking of checking out the digital, 1200-watt version of this iron, the T14, sometime this season, but the T8 does more than enough for ironing a board.

So if you’re looking for an iron that’s not gonna break the bank, the Toko T8 Wax Iron is plenty awesome, and does a much better job on the wax than your mom’s old Black & Decker.

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Make sure to check out this Toko T8 video of the iron in action. This thing is like butter.

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