Swix Gummy Stones Review

For the rookie snowboarder, the gummy stone might be something you’re not even beginning to think about. For the veteran rider, the gummy stone is a life saver. While it plays a small role in the tuning process as a whole, this little tool can save you from catching a season-ending edge. Whether you ride the trees or the groomers, the Swix Gummy Stone
is a totally useful piece for giving you the perfect ride every time.

There are 4 different gummy stones available from Swix

      • Grey Stone – This soft stone was designed for detuning your tails
      • Red Stone – The red gummy stone was designed for post-edge tuning, perfect for removing micro burrs in your edge
      • White Stone – The stone is for medium to heavy duty edge cleanup. Personally if you need this kind of work, I’d recommend going right to blue.
      • Blue Stone – The blue stone was designed to handle even the most heavily burred snowboard edges.

Grey Gummy Stone

grey-gummy-stoneThe Grey Swix Gummy Stone
is the softest of its kind. Designed for detuning your tips and tails, this stone can be a real lifesaver when you’ve over done your tuning job just a little much. Ultimately, it can be one of the more important stones that you actually use.



Swix Red Gummy Stone

Swix Red Gummy StoneDetuning the edges of your tip and tail is probably one of the more crucial steps. Catching an edge is an annoying and often painful experience for any snowboarder, and detuing is an excellent way to avoid the problem in the first place. A good few swipes with a red gummy stone, and you’ll find yourself much happier.






Blue Gummy Stone

blue-swix-gummy-stoneThe blue gummy stone is the hardest of the Swix collection. Ideal for boards that haven’t had any edge treatment over a long period of time, or if you’ve purchased a used board that needs some serious work. Remember not to use this too often, and never apply it too hard, as you can ruin the beautiful edge work you’ve already done. One or two swipes of the blue stone is perfect.




Ultimately, the avid tune freak is going to use at least two of this in their snowboarding career. I’d recommend having all three on hand, simply because they’re affordable and will last you a long, long time. The Swix Gummy Stones are an excellent addition to any snowboard workbench.