Snowboard Vise Grips by Toko Review

Toko Snowboard Vise Grips Vise grips come in all shapes and sizes. If there’s one thing that’s kind of bugged me, it’s when the vise grips seem just a bit too small and annoying because they were built for both skis and snowboards. I’ve got a wide board, and that makes things a bit difficult when it comes to getting the stability you need for doing a killer job on your tuning.

The Snowboard Vise Grips from Toko were kind of a shot in the dark. I knew nothing about them except that they were built for snowboards and some wider skis. But I was really attracted to the fact that these might actually have been built for me. These bad boys appeared to have some good weight to them, and they’re not plastic, so I didn’t really have too much to lose for the price.

The platform on the vise grips is an awesome width for the snowboard lover. Even with a wide board, it sits comfortably. The rubber grips and silicone work just fine to keep the board in place, so no worries there.

What I dig about these grips is that side edge vise. You might notice from the picture that the grips are adjustable, and that little feature is what’s winning me over on my workbench. I can tighten my board into place and get to tuning my edges without having that back and forth flopping going on. Additionally, the slot is super deep, which makes this thing perfect for the snowboarder.

All in all, the Toko Vise Grips are a superb addition to my snowboard workbench, and I’ve already tossed the old generic ones that I was using. I love finding the little stuff like this that makes the night before a ride a lot more relaxing.