RaceWax Snowboard Base Repair Kit

racewax-base-repair-kitWe all know how expensive and time-consuming base repair can be. Hearing that sound as you hit a hidden rock on the trail is one that will make your ears bleed, and you know what to expect when you get to bottom of the mountain. I’ve been through my fair share of both new and used boards. When it comes to repair, sometimes I think the investment I make wasn’t worth the quality of the product. So when I found RaceWax’s Base Repair Kit, I figured, “What have I got to lose? 18 bucks?”

Now obviously, there are more complicated base repair kits out there, but the problem was simple. I’ve got a little bit of cash and a lot of gash in a cheap snowboard I found on Craigslist. Decision made. Turns out I couldn’t have made much better of a decision.

The kit is quite simple, you get 3 different buffer pads for prepping and after adding the Ptex. You also get a metal scraper. You can choose from 10 clear Ptex sticks, 10 black Ptex sticks, or 5 of each. For future purposes (if all went well), I bought the kit that comes with 5 black Ptex sticks and 5 clear Ptex sticks.

As you know, it’s absolutely crucial that you remove all of the wax on your base, or the Ptex is just going to fall right off, and you’ll be cursing the Ptex, when you should be yelling at yourself. Scrape it ALL off, use that elbow grease that’s not included with the kit to make your $18 go as far as possible.

While the sticks are a little thin, the Ptex is absolutely awesome when applied properly. You’ve got enough of the Ptex to fill even the deepest gouge or three. I would say to try and use all of the sticks before moving to your own Ptex…this stuff works pretty well. I didn’t have to mix it with any of my other sticks, but I have no idea if one brand of Ptex sticks to another brand (I assume they do, just not sure how well).


The metal scraper does the job perfectly for removing the excess. While you should always be careful not to scrape parts of your board off, it was fairly easy to remove the Ptex with this little piece.

I really dug the 3 buffing pads. While I probably should have been doing something like that all the time, I’ve always only repaired my board with a single buffer pad. The white pad is actually non-abrasive…perfect for getting the ultimate smoothness. It’s nice to go from one pad to the next to get the feel you need with your repair.

Job complete. The Ptex was holding firm, it was nice and flush with the rest of my board. My next ride was exactly what I wanted it to be. A little bit of time and following the directions made this kit go a long way. TAKE YOUR TIME. It’s not a rush job to fix a gouge in your board, and the base repair kit will be absolutely useless if you hurry things along.

Well done, RaceWax. And you won’t find much better for the price.

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