Spring Snowboard Wax | 6 Slick Solutions

Spring skiing is upon us. Bring on corn snow, short sleeves, and for the brave, bikinis. This also causes a little stick here and there. The warmer it gets, the more ya stick. If you’re looking to keep your speed up, check out these 6 awesome spring snowboard wax solutions.

Zumwax Warm

Zumwax Warm Temperature Rub-On Wax

Modeled after the iron-on version of Zumwax, this warm temperature wax is sure to keep you moving when the snow isn’t being much help. The cork lid makes it easy to remove excess wax, getting you on the snow before it melts.

Swix North Glidewax Warm

Swix North Glidewax Warm

Designed specifically for temperatures above 32 degrees, Swix North Glidewax warm is ideal for these warmer days. You’ll easily get at least 20 applications out of this brick while it prevents that funny looking snow from slowing you down.

Hertel Spring Solution

Hertel Spring Solution Wax

Users of the famous Hertel Hot Sauce are unwavering in their loyalty. But when it just gets a little too warm, Hertel’s got the solution. Spring Solution does wonders for water dispersion when the snow is sharp and corny, keeping your speed high and your smile big.

Dakine Nitrous

Dakine Nitrous Cake Wax (Warm)

Keep that speed up when the temperature breaks 28 degrees using Dakine’s Nitrous. If you love the cold solution, you’ll love the warm one. Easy to apply and buff out. Uses the most flourine possible for ultimate slip and less grip. 

Swix F4 Warm Wax

Swix F4 Warm Liquid Wax

Give your board an extra kick this spring with Swix F4. The liquid wax is easy to apply and dries quickly. This is the perfect solution for adding to your already waxed board, and works best with an existing base. Extremely noticeable speed boost after applying.

Choad Cheese Warm

Choad Cheese Snot Warm Wax

As they say, it’s “too fast for your mom”. Choad Cheese is a little known, but much loved snowboard wax. They use special additives designed to improve performance on slush and wet snow. This prevents you from cursing your head off on those flat traverses.

Got a spring snowboarding wax that you can’t get enough of! Don’t be selfish, share your secret in the comments!

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