Epic Splitboard Artwork for Your Pad

Splitboard BlueprintWith the holidays approaching, it’s obviously time to start thinking about what to get the rider in your life. If you’re absolutely clueless about what to do for the fam and friends, and you’ve got a seriously avid rider in your world, then we’ve got an awesome little find for you. This 2003 Snowboard Blueprint from Oliver Gal is one the most unique looks we’ve ever seen, and certainly beats out those $8 posters from Walmart.

Obviously, the seasoned rider is going to notice that this isn’t quite a snowboard, but a splitboard. So if you’ve got a backcountry snowboarding fan and need a gift idea, then you’ve come to the right place. Be forewarned that if you get this for a snowboarder that doesn’t have a splitboard, they’ll most likely know what it is. This is more for the backcountry enthusiast or someone that wants to stare at something that they might not have yet.

One of the features I like about this blueprint is that is has amazing attention to detail. Figure 1 obviously displays all of the components on the splitboard itself, but figure 2 goes a step further. Displaying the breakdown of a splitboard binding is actually pretty epic, and something backcountry lovers might not always think about. Even cooler about this poster is that it appears to be a patent blueprint. While it’s not confirmed whether or not the patent is legit, that is still a very cool little detail, giving me no shame in wanting to hang this one on my wall.

This 20″ x 17″ blueprint comes with the artist’s certificate of authenticity, so it’s definitely a legitimate print rather than some stupid poster. You could always go with just another reprint, but if you want something way cooler around your snowboard workbench, this could be the solution.