Best Ski and Snowboard Wax 2017

Hertel Super Hot Sauce

Hertel’s “Super Hot Sauce” Wax

Hertel’s “Super Hot Sauce” bricks have consistently outperformed all other waxes. As an all-temp wax, the performance has often been reviewed as better than those designed for specific snow conditions.

ZUMWax Rub On Wax


A top-selling ski wax for its ease of use, ZUMWax Ski and Snowboard Wax is a rub on. Rub off excess wax using an iron and scraper, or simply use the cork provided. Buyers say it performs extremely well in both wet and dry conditions.

demon hyper x wax

Demon Hyper X Wax

A full pound of the Demon Hyper X Wax will last you a long time. Users love this wax for the speed and ease of application, though it can melt quickly at higher iron temperatures. Melts on clear, even though it has a blue tint in its dry form.

Swix F4

Swix F4 Universal Fluoro Wax

Flourocarbons = speed. Swix’s Universal F4 Fluoro Wax paste was designed for easy application and excellent speed. Especially useful in corn snow or spring conditions, but a single application could easily last your 2 or more days in cooler temps. ¬†

Purl Wax Review

Purl 1lb All-Temp Wax

Perfect for mid-winter conditions up to around 35-degrees! ¬†Purl’s all-temp wax block comes in a one-pound bar. It may seem more difficult to scrape this wax, but it’s extremely durable, lasting as many as 5 days under the optimal conditions. Holds up well down as low as 5-degrees.


Swix Bio-degradable Wax

Go environmental with Swix’s new biodegradable wax. This is a great early and mid-winter wax, designed for 15-36 degree temperatures. An affordable high-speed wax designed for the snowboarder that likes to iron on their wax.

zardoz notwax

Zardoz NOTWax

When a hot wax iron job is out of the question, Zardoz NOTWax is an excellent alternative. This pure liquid teflon works great in spring snow and wet snow conditions. Its easy application makes it great for the snowboarder that’s constantly on the go or needs to wax up their board quick.

OneBallJay F1

OneBallJay F-1 All-Temp Wax

Use it as a hot wax or a rub on. The patented hydrocarbon snowboard wax from OneBallJay is a great for all temps, and useful whether you’re using an iron or not. You’ll get some pretty good speed off of this stuff too.

Skiboards High Veloctiy High Velocity

When quick application matters,’s High Velocity is a great resource. The small container is about 50mL, which makes it great for taking it where you need it. Goes on fast, and lets you ride fast. An all-temperature wax, but seems to work even better under cooler conditions.

Choad Cheese

Choad Cheese

A funny name, this rounds out our best ski and snowboard waxes quite well. Choad Cheese is an all-temp wax, and you’ll get maximum slip for both cold conditions and spring riding. This iron-on wax is locally grown in Portland, Oregon where they know lots about wet snow.

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