5 of the Best Stomp Pads Your Friends Might Not Have

I know, you want your board to shine from the rest on the mountain. You’ve got the loudest jacket, the brightest pants, and the wildest boots…but you need more. For the folks who say enough is never enough, we’ve got 5 of the most unique stomp pads we’ve seen so far, and they’re available to you. Get them before your friends do…because when that happens, we’ll have to write this article again.

Jamaican Me Crazy, Mon!

dakine-stomp-studsLet the world know that all you want out of life is fresh tracks, deep pow, world peace…and a big joint to enjoy it all with. The Dakine Peace Studs aren’t very out there…but they make a plenty big statement.




Slip N’ Fall
According to my count, it’s been 6 hours since my last accident. This “Slip N’ Fall” stomp pad is most creative, although an oxymoron. Get a grip, keep on riding, and enjoy a unique snowboard stomp pad.





Let’s Make Tracks!

For the dog lover (or wolf, or some other creature with paws), there’s these awesome stomp pads. Let folks know that you’ve got wild and domesticated animals in your life, or that your pup comes before pretty much everyone else in your life. Who rescued who?




It’s Bacon!

Careful, because if you love breakfast, you could get caught staring at this one while rocking a double black diamond. The Bacon Snowboard Stomp Pad is one of my favorites, but I’m not gonna lie. I bought this one because of the way that it tastes…uh, looks. Grips pretty good, too. Time to find some bacon n eggs.



Do We See Eye to Eye?

The Volcom Jamie Eye stomp pad isn’t just cool looking, but one of the best grippers on the list. This round stomp pad has some really epic studs, and while sometimes the eye looking up at your junk can be a bit creepy, it’s definitely a winner for impressing friends with your cool stomp pad.



I can’t speak to the quality of any of these stomp pads, as I just have your standard studs on my board, so make sure to due your diligence and research these things. Unless you only care about how you look on the board…then the work is done for you.

Author: Tuner

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