5 of the Best Snowboard Stomp Pads for 2016

Another year of hopefully epic snowfall is about to kickoff, which means some fresh gear. Whether it’s threads, your board, or even some googles and boots, having something unique just makes ya feel good. That being said, I’ve rounded up a couple of my favorite snowboard stomp pads for 2016.

Hold my Beer!

Bottle Opener Stomp PadNothing goes better with carving than drinking, especially on a backcountry or powder day. Keep your bottle opener handy and your skating feet stable with the the Hold My Beer! Watch This! stomp pad. It’s an epic way to avoid having to always have a keychain handy, especially on those cold days when your hands want to stay in your gloves.



Out of this World

Alien Stomp PadThey exist. You love them. You’ve met one. Even if that last one isn’t really true, you can’t wait to give one a high five. This Alien Stomp Pad is chill and puts out a good vibe, even on the worst day. The truth is out there.




“The Ace of Spades!”

Ace Stomp PadWhether you’re a fan of Motorhead or Blackjack, this Ace of Spades Stomp Pad is a nice touch. The natural wood color blends in perfectly with more subtle boards. No Ace is greater than the Ace of Spades. We miss you, Kilmister. We’ve gotten quite a few compliments on this one already.



Dad, I’m Tangled!

Big Fish Stomp Pad Fishing season has called it quits. Bummer. We miss fishing too, and can’t wait to break out the tackle box in the spring. The Big Fish Stomp Pad, lets you know that fishing season isn’t that far off. And there’s always ice fishing for the die-hard in you.



Legalize it!

4:20 Stomp PadOr maybe it’s already legal where you’re riding. Either way, the 4:20 stomp pad lets your lift buddies know where you stand on it. Who knows, it could spark some new friends, not to mention a joint or two. Get a grip on your board, and make a statement all in the same day. That’s accomplishment. Just bring a bag of chips with ya.




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Always make sure you’re checking the grip on these things. So far, I’m pretty happy with all of them, but when it comes to stomp pads, to each their own. Otherwise, this is a pretty rad collection of stomp pads for 2016.