Zardoz NOTwax Review

zardoz-notwax-reviewDid you ever get annoyed that you were the slower of your buddies on the mountain? Did it ever seem like no matter what wax you tried, you just didn’t have quite the speed you wanted? Did you ever want that opportunity? While Zardoz NOTWax isn’t actually wax, it’s going to put some serious speed on your board. This is easily one of the most fun reviews we’ve ever done.

The active component of Zardoz NOTwax is actually a fluoropolymer. The actual name is polytetrafluoroethylene, but Dupont gave it the brand name of Teflon. Yeah, you’re putting teflon on your snowboard. Now this stuff is NOT mean to be a substitute for wax. In fact, if you put on your board without waxing first, you’ll end up severely drying out your board, so take a few minutes and give your board a good coat of wax before use. It’s almost hard to believe that something discovered in the 1930’s is still epic today.


NOTwax is easy to put on with the puck, and doesn’t require any kind of heat to do so, so feel free to apply it while you’re gearing up your snowboard boots. When you get to the lift, you’ll already notice how it’s about to change your life. When you get to the top, it gets even better. The speed that Zardoz’s concoction puts on your board is unbelievable. It will make you forget everything you ever knew about high-speed wax. This makes for an unbelievably fast day of riding, and will definitely help you break that record number of runs that you had from last season.

While this stuff will work in most conditions, the wetter the snow, the better. A single application will last you about a day and no more. In most cases, the first hour or two of riding will seem a lot faster than the following hours. The first 20 minutes or so are going to be mindblowing. If you ride magic carpets to the top of your hill (which you probably shouldn’t be riding if you use this stuff), you’re going to find that you slide backwards down the carpet.

NOTwax is absolutely epic for what it is. If you need an extra boost of speed or conditions start to get sticky on the hill, then you should be turning to this stuff. Nothing sticks to teflon, but NOTwax was designed to specifically repel water. Put a light coat on your board, and you’ll find yourself flying down the mountain potentially faster than you’d like to be going. Yes…it’s THAT FAST.

Additionally, this stuff is excellent for protecting your board. Whether you’ve got it mounted to your roof or stacked up on the outside of a bus, the teflon will keep other planks and rocks from putting dings and dents in your edges.

You don’t need a whole lot of the teflon for the NOTwax to more than do its job, but you also only get a handful of applications. But for $15, you’re getting something that’s going to improve your wax job tenfold. If you’ve got a need for speed, are dealing with wet conditions, or just feel like making a b-line for the finish in a local race, then Zardoz NOTwax is what you’ve been dreaming about.

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