RaceWax Brush Kit Review

Racewax Brush Kit ReviewBrush, brush, brush. Anyone who is serious about a good wax job knows that they need to use brushes throughout the entire process. While there’s plenty of technology and great wax out there to get a good coat on the base of your board, the wax still needs a little bit of direction. The RaceWax brush kit features three brushes, all serving different purposes, and all kind of necessary (for the serious waxer) for getting the job done right.

You’ll get three brushes in this kit. 1 Brass, 1 nylon, and 1 horsehair. Each brush is about 3 inches by 4.5 inches, so you get much better coverage than the ones that usually come in snowboard tuning kits. The travel case makes it easy to take them on your next trip, but more importantly, keeps all of the junk in your garage from ruining them…I highly recommend using this case just to extend the life of your brushes.


The brass brush actually serves two purposes in my opinion. While it works great for cold waxes, and was included for that purpose, it’s also really good at removing old wax in your grooves. If you’ve missed anything with base cleaner, a few strokes of the brush is sure to take care of the problem. The Nylon brush serves also serves as a base cleaner, and I’d recommend using it after you’ve used the first brush if you still see anything. Even if the board looks clean, go ahead and swipe the board with the nylon just for good measure. The Horsehair brush was designed for your soft or hot waxes. While your iron disperses wax evenly, you generally want to give water a bit of guidance along the bottom of your board. Take slow long strides with the horsehair brush all the way across the board (works better than doing half the board at a time). This assures that the wax follows the direction of your snowboard base, giving you a faster ride with much less friction.

There aren’t a ton of full brush kits out there, and most of the time we see them sold separately. While you may find that you like one brush brand over another, either one or all three of these brushes will more than do the trick for you, and it never hurts to have a bit of backup. This is a great set for both rookie and veteran riders, and the RaceWax Brush Kit will certainly become a necessity on your workbench.

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