Purl Snowboard Wax Review

Purl Wax Review


Man, do I love trying out different waxes. I think some of the obsession lies in that while I find plenty of waxes I like, I don’t always say “this is the one” too often. Obviously, we all have different favorite flavors when it comes to our snowoboard wax. One wax that I might love may not be the one for someone else, so I keep these going. Someone recently pointed me to Purl All-temp Snowboard Wax, and for the price per pound, it’s certainly one of the most appealing ones out there.

I think one of the biggest mistakes that some riders make is assuming that all-temp really means ALL TEMP. Purl’s all-temp wax is designed for quite a broad range; from 5 degrees to 35 degrees farenheit. That being said, you will probably have some better stuff for the below freezing and spring riding days. Being that Purl has recommended the above temperature range, that’s where I tested it out.


The melting point of this wax is about 135 degrees. While some users may say that they go towards 150 degrees, 135 more than does the trick for applying your wax. This is one durable wax, from start to finish. If you’ve used several waxes before, you’ll notice that you’ve gotta put quite a bit of elbow grease into this stuff to get it properly scraped. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but definitely don’t go applying too thick of a layer or you’ll be at it for a while.

This stuff also includes a fine buffing pad to boot. If you don’t already have one of these that you really love, then I suggest using it. It really provides some good guidance as to where you want the water to go.

On the mountain, this stuff rocks. Whether you’re in powder or riding something bulletproof, you’ll really find that this stuff feels pretty darn good under your board. I guess I got about 3 days of good full riding before I really noticed that I could use a fresh coat. If you only ride a couple of hours a day, you might find that this stuff could last you nearly a week.

A pound of this stuff will probably last you about a season depending on how much you ride. If you’re hitting the slopes 6 or 7 days a week then you probably already know that this will only get you through about half a season. But for about $25 or so for the pound, it’s a fairly good deal. I’m impressed with this wax, especially having never heard of it. It’s a good buy, a good performer, and Purl’s snowboard wax really feels good under the snowboard.

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