WinkWax Base Cleaner Review

winkwax base cleaner reviewWhen it comes to cleaning my board in pre-wax, I really think that it’s not so much about removing old wax as it is giving the base of your board a little bit of life for a new season. WinkWax Base Cleaner and PreWax seemed like a perfect solution for doing so. I can’t preface this review enough that you need to get off as much of the old wax as possible prior to doing any kind of base cleaning for maximum effectiveness. Given that this stuff is partially made of wax, it’s not going to do a good job of removing old wax.


One of the things that turned me onto this base cleaner was that it was family friendly. Having a couple of kids (aka dogs) in the house, I wanted to make sure that if I had to close the garage for them to hang out, that there wouldn’t be any toxic fumes. This stuff really doesn’t have much of an odor at all, and the only way to tell is by literally digging your nose into it.

If you’re working with a really dry base, this stuff is absolutely incredible. That thick, honey-like paste is easy to apply with some small pieces of paper tower, and the board will totally absorb it. If you’ve got a lot of porous areas in your board, this will definitely get rid of those as well. It seems to return a lot of the shine to the snowboard plank, long after this stuff has been applied. You will notice that the shine disappears a little bit, but that’s what happens when liquids dry out. I assure you that there is definitely some restoration going on.

winkwax-base-cleanerWhile it’s tough to tell by sight how well this stuff holds the wax on your board…there are a lot of results that can be seen if you’ve been using the same wax for some time. The cleaning plus filling of all the pores in an older board make it almost blatantly obvious how well this stuff works, especially if you’ve been a loyal fan to a single wax. You’ll notice after your first hot wax how much longer your wax application lasts.

All in all, I’m plenty happy with this purchase. For what it is, it did its job, and now it’s time for the wax to take over from here. WinkWax Base Cleaner is good. Real good.