Dakine Supertune Base Cleaner Review

Dakine Supertune Base Cleaner reviewYou could buy the best wax, the best brushes, the best iron…heck, you could have the best board. But when you’ve got dirt, oil, and other garbage on the bottom of your board, your wax job is going to suffer. Dakine Supertune Base Cleaner is a great way to get your next wax job started right. Whether you’re prepping for the first ride of the season, or simply want to get the best wax job possible, base cleaner is essential to properly setting up your board for waxing.

Citrus oils are quite the miraculous thing apparently. The particles in oil literally surround all the stuff that’s on the base of your board, helping lift it off for a successful waxing. They also get well into the water grooves, deeper than with just a dry or even wet towel.


When you’ve got a lot of stale wax hanging on your board, this stuff definitely gets it off. Whether it’s a post-season wax, or just some old gunk that’s being a bit stubborn, the Dakine solution works to get it off, giving your a clean (and fresh smelling) base for you to lay down a fresh coat of wax. If you store your board in an outdoor shed during the offseason, you’ll love what this stuff does to destroy annoying pollen that never seems to come off sometimes.

Now it’s not necessary to do a base cleaning after everything single ride, unless you’re riding on some slush all day where you’re barely missing the mud. But if you use this every 4-5 sessions, you’ll find that your snowboard wax job is going to last a lot longer and feel much better underneath your feet. The Dakine Supertune Base Cleaner is a stellar addition to any good snowboard workstation, and makes a noticeable difference in prepping your board for the next day.

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